Our services are based on 20 years of experience gathered in the fields of design, online media, editorial, product, event, retail, wholesale and communication. The result is a unique blend of trend analysis and forecasting, consumer insight, brand strategy and innovation to ideate and deliver inspiring projects for leading brands and organizations.



We offer a wide spectrum of creative ideas to our clients. Whatever project – offline, online, local, national, international – we broaden our clients’ and our own view. We examine the tasks and take the freedom of expanding the horizon for each project. We collaborate with our clients and execute projects with a holistic approach.




With over ten years “hands-on” experience in retail, we know how this machine works. We’ve introduced new brands to the European markets, we’ve helped to pave the way for independent Japanese labels – in Europe but also internationally.

We conceptualize and execute campaigns: market entry, product launch, roll-out, communication and provide for a direct link to some of the most influential independent retailers globally.


There might only be an idea… We are experienced working with inspirations and developing them into real projects. Whether it’d be a product, a collaboration, an event or campaign. We offer comprehensive input also in close cooperation with creatives of different disciplines: art / design / music / video.

We don’t get carried away. We build our projects on a strong basis – financially but also in regards to manpower and resources. While we develop we also always manage.


With today’s never-ending data stream of news a story can easily get overseen or drowned in the sheer mass of information. We help channel stories through the most adequate, relevant and reliable media outlets.

Besides a strategic communications plan we take the freedom of analyzing content and enhancing its news value to ensure its impact.


Corporate identity, corporate design, web design, interface design, product design – all of these terms are well familiar. Besides our own past and present ventures we are looking at a large portfolio of client work in these fields. We produce digital, print and product.

We expand existing graphic concepts by following established design guides and are also motivated to explore and develop new directions.

PUBLISHING & EDITORIAL was launched in 2001 – a blog before the term was even coined. What started as a daily diary of news bits turned into an online-magazine with multi-part editorials and features. Beinghunted was first in featuring some of today’s most influential creatives online.

Our editorial work is stronger than ever and currently expanding into new fields with new partners.