WTAPS Brand Feature & Interview

WTAPS is the brainchild of Tetsu Nishiyama one of the key figures of Tokyo’s young fashion entrepreneurs who started out in the mid 1990s. Together with fellow designers such as Nigo (founder of A Bathing Ape), Hiroshi Fujiwara (Head Porter, Goodenough, Fragment Design), or Jun Takahashi (Undercover), Tet – as he is commonly called – elevated Japanese ‘street wear’ to become a global phenomenon. Widely recognized for his craftsmanship, WTAPS continues to flourish since its inception in 1993. For this feature, Beinghunted worked closely with WTAPS’ in-house PR to deliver an extensive and very personal interview.


– Editorial Design
– Interview
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This first official interview was published in 2007 and with the help of the WTAPS team appeared in both English and Japanese with a foreword by Errolson Hugh of Acronym.