A Decade worth of…

“I have the pleasure of working with some of the world’s most innovative brands but also many creative individuals, established and up-and-coming. Through my online magazine – started in 2001 – I cultivated an international network and collaborated with some of the most well respected brands on features, projects and products.

As the co-founder and creative director of Firmament Berlin (until ’14) I built one of Germany’s leading retail stores, which became a blue-print for many concept shops that followed. Besides creating the company’s visual identity – name, logo, corporate design – my involvement resulted in numerous innovative retail stories, product- and collection launches. Below is a selection of highlights from the past and current projects by Beinghunted. /”

– Jörg Haas
[Photo: James Lavelle / Private Collection & Archive]

Nike | Strategic Communication


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Gestalten Verlag | Editorial


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Hypebeast | Editorial / Creative Direction

Hypebeast 10th Anniversary Beinghunted. Collabs 02

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Bikini Berlin / Nike | Retail

Supernova Bikini Berlin Nike 01

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Firmament | Retail / Creative Direction

Firmament Design SS 2014 03

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New Balance | Creative Direction / Design

New Balance CT 300 03

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Daimler AG/smart Magazine | Editorial

Smart Magazine Tokyo Mobility 2013 03

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VANS & WTAPS | Retail

Vans WTAPS 03

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Nike | Editorial

Nike World Basketball Festival NYC 01

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Gore | Workshop

Beinghunted Gore-Tex Workshop 02

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Arc’teryx Veilance | Retail

Arc'teryx Veilance Global Launch 02

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Acronym | Project Development / Design

Acronym Subnet-Mask 2005 03

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Nike | Retail

Nike Gyakusou 01

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Stone Island at colette | Editorial

Stone Island Shadow, i-D, colette 2010 03

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adidas | Strategic Communication

adidas, adicolor Campaign, Berlin 2006 02

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visvim | Editorial

visvim Hiroki Nakamura 05

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Supreme | Editorial

Supreme Features 01

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WTAPS | Editorial

WTAPS Tetsu Nishiyama 01

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Stüssy | Design / Editorial

Stussy Beinghunted Beingstussy T-shirt 01

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